About this Website

I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at East Tennessee State University. I earned my Ph.D. in political science at the University of Oklahoma Previously, I worked as a research assistant for the Center for Risk and Crisis Management and Center for Energy Security & Society under the National Institute for Risk and Resilience. 

My research interests are broadly within the field of public policy.  Substantively and specifically, I am interested in using cases from environmental and natural hazards policy and politics to contribute to developing theoretical approaches to the policy process, applied policy analyses, and public administration. To this effect, you will find my published research in outlets such as the Policy Studies Journal, Energy Economics, among others.

On this website, you will find insight into both my personal and professional selves and the intermingling of the two, as evidenced by the navigation menu above.

In the vein of this being a place to share my professional self, there is a link to an updated copy of my CV here.

In the vein of this being a place to share my personal self and interests, my twitter handle is @wwwehde.